Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

-Carl Bard

Jarrod Lanclow First time offender Charge: 2nd Degree Murder Sentence: Life without parole Crime Committed at the age of 18 in 1996 Current Age: 35 Hometown: Eunice, Louisiana Overview of Crime: A dispute broke out between two groups of young adults in which the victim and his friends were involved with Jarrod and his friend in 1996 in the parking lot of a reception hall. Jarrod was leaving the parking lot when he was called back by a friend that was scared because he was being chased by a group of guys. At that point, Jarrod went back to the parking lot and the victim and a group of his friends rushed towards Jarrod prepared to fight.  Jarrod was unprepared to fight and show the victim.  The incident was in January of 1996. The trial was in November of 1996 where Jarrod was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. Accomplishments since incarcerated: GED (1998) Completion of Anger Management Program Completion of 12 steps of AA Certification from Louisiana Technical College and Automotive Technology/Electrical Technician (2007) Completion of Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Class Certified by American Heart Association in CPR, AED, & First Aid Completed 24 hours of Therapeutic Community Training Certified by National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) in Core Curricula and Electrical Level 1 A.S.E. National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence Certifications:      * 4 Certifications in collision repair (Master Certified):            * Nonstructural Analysis and Damage Repair            * Structural Analysis and Damage Repair            * Painting and Refinishing            * Mechanical and Electrical Components      * 1 Certification in Automotive Technology:            * Electrical/Electronic System currently the Reentry Program Lead Vocation Mentor in the Collision repair shop.

Darrell Miles First Time Offender Charge: Aggravated Rape Sentence: Life without Parole Age and date of Crime: 21 in 1978 Current Age: 55 Hometown: New Orleans Overview of Crime: A 27 year old lady was sexually assaulted Friday, December 15, 1978. The next day Darrell was identified walking down the street near the crime site as the assaulter.  Trial was held April 25-27, 1979 where Darrell was convicted and charged by a verdict of 10-2.  DNA evidence was introduced at Darrell's trial along with his fingerprints that were taken from a magazine found on the street corner where the young was adducted. No scientific test was done on the evidence although Darrell's trial attorney requested the evidence be tested, he did not pursue an answer from the court authorizing the test to be conducted.  On January 25, 1980 Darrel was sentenced to life without parole, probation or suspension of sentence.  Finally, while Darrell's case was pending DNA investigation (1999 through 2006) by the Innocence Project of New Orleans all the physical evidence was destroyed by the storm surge of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Accomplishments since Incarcerated: GED (1983) Certificates in Legal Assistant Training (1986) United State Jaycees Individual Development Program (1984-1987) Various Certificates in Paralegal Training (1992-present) Rhema Bible Training Center (Correspondence Bible School) (1990-1993) Jerry Savelle Ministries Correspondence Bible Course (1990-1991) Vision Partner with World Changers Ministries (1992-present) Certificates of Baptism  ( Family Worship Center) (1993) Louisiana Board of Pardons Clemency Recommendation of Sentence reduction from Life without  parole eligibility to Sixty (60) year imprisonment with parole eligibility (1994) Forgotten Voices, #6571 (Toastmasters International (1995) Experiencing God Course (1995-1996) Completion of Rist (Sex Offender) Management Program (2001-04) Completion of Anger Management Program (2005) Bachelor of Arts In Christian Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) (2005) Completion of Substance Abuse Program (2006-07) Completion of Victim Awareness Program (2010)

Jake Ortego Charge: Second Degree Murder Sentence: Life without Parole Age and date of crime: 18 in 1999 Current Age: 31 Overview of Crime At the age of 18 Jake Ortego's future was bright and full of potential. After enlisting in the United States Navy he decided to go with some friends to celebrate his deployment to basic training on the 9th of July 1999. Unfortunately, after having several beers he accompanied some friends to a local park to watch a fist fight. However, one of the groups that were to fight did show leaving the others charged and looking to take their frustration and fury out on anybody. Those who took the brunt of this later became known as the Ortego Group. Being out numbered two to one, receiving head blows from their beer bottles, and dodging cars that were attempting to run over them. They were left with no choice but to fight and defend their lives. The Following morning on June 26th 1999 at four o'clock a.m. Jake Ortego was awakened by the Baton Rouge PD, handcuffed, and taken into custody. This is how and when Jake Ortego found out that someone had lost their life that night. Jake Ortego was charged with 2nd degree murder and faced trial April 2001. Subsequently, after conflicting testimony by all partied involved there was only one commonality. Somehow everyone was able to offer an inconsistent account of what took place between Jake Ortego and the victim. Even in the midst of at least twelve people fighting, bottles flying, and cars racing around, the prosecutors witnesses were able to give a play by play account. Unfortunately, for Jake he was known by everyone present that night with the exception of one or two. Thus the investigation attention and focus centered on him and they began molding a case against Jake. There is a strong probability that alcohol, anger and, just mere human error lead to these witnesses crediting Jake with presumption of guilt. And is is under these circumstances that Jake Ortego was convicted of second degree murder resulting in life imprisonment. Jake is serving life without parole, probation, or suspension of sentence since November 2001!  Since being in prison Jake has chosen to spend his time maturing as a responsible individual and has accomplished the following: Accomplishments since Incarcerated: Certified Master Truck Equipment Technician      E1 Installation Repai      E2 Electrical / Electronic Systems      E3 Auxiliary/Power Systems Certified Medium / Heavy Truck Technician      T6 Electrical / Electric Systems Certified Automobile Technician      A4 Suspension and Steering      A5 Brakes      A6 Electrical ? Electronic Systems      A7 Heating and Air Conditioning Certified Collision Repair Technician      B 5 Mechanical and Electrical Comp Certified Transit Bus Technician      H 6 Electric ? Electronic Systems Certified Under car Specialist Systems      X1 Exhaust Systems      A4 Suspensions and Steering      A5 Brakes Certified School Bus Technician      S6 Electric / Electrical Systems Certified Alternate Fuels Technician      F1 Comp Natural Gas Vehicle Certified Automotive Refrigerant Recover and Recycling Certified NCCER (National Center for Constructional Education and Research)      Level One Residential      Level Two Commercial Jake Ortego #446422 Housed in Ash-2 Louisiana State Penitentiary Angola, La.  70712

Johna Haynes, Sr. Prior Offenses: Poss. of Stolen Property, Att. Escape Charge: Armed Robbery (1 count) Sentence: Life without Parole Crime Committed at age 20 Current Age: 31 Hometown: New Orleans, La. Background Prior to his incarceration Johna Haynes was a father of four who has\d dropped out of school at grade seven. Although  he had a work history his criminal history was much longer. His many trips to jail earned him three felony convictions, the last of which occurred in 2001 and subjected him to a life sentence under Louisiana's three strike law. He has been in Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, La. ever since. Present Day Johna Haynes is currently in his sophomore year a the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) extension center at Angola. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry. In his spare time he operated in his capacity as vice-president of Angola's Horticulture Club and utilizes his skills as a registered tutor to help others navigate through such lessons as Angola's Adult Basic Education (SBE) program, GED preparation, and English grammar and composition pertaining to college-level course work taken both online and through correspondence. Accomplishments since Incarceration Education: General Equivalence Degree (GED,2004) Automotive Technology Degree of Diploma (2007) Includes course work in eight areas of automotive technology; Heating & Air Conditioning, Steering & Suspension; Manual Transmission, Automatic Transmission, Electrical; Electronics Engine Performance; and Engine Repair. Certifications Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections Registered Tutor (2011) American Heart Association Heart Saver CPR (2008) Courses Completed Educational Administrative Remedy Procedures (Jaycees,2008) Speak-up Dynamics (Jaycees 2007) Job Search (Jaycees, 2007) Leadership Dynamics (Jaycees, 2007 Communication Dynamics (Jaycees, 2007) Governmental Affairs (Jaycees,2007) Parliamentary Procedures (Jaycees, 2007) Disciplinary Procedures (Jaycees, 2007) Time Dynamics (Jaycees,2007) Political Science (Students of Islam, 2007) Life Skills 12-Week Amer-I-Can Program (Lifers' Assoc., 2008) Effective Listening, (Toastmasters International, 2008) HIV/AIDS Peer Education ( American Red Cross, 2007) Health Related Dynamic (Jaycees, 2007) Family Life Development (Jaycees, 2007) Stress Endurance (Jaycees, 2007) Financial Planning (Jaycees, 2007) Personal Dynamics (Jaycees, 2007) Rehabilitation 101 (Lifers' Assoc., 2006) Transactional Analysis (Substance Abuse Clinic, 2005) Faith-based Experiencing God (NOBTS, 2010) Foundation of Faith (South Baton Rouge Church of Christ) Survey of the New Testament (South Baton Rouge Church of Christ) Old Testament Survey (South Baton Rouge Church of Christ) Advanced Bible Studies (South Baton Rouge Church of Christ) The Church of the Bible (South Baton Rouge Church of Christ) Beginning Bible Studies (South Baton Rouge Church of Christ, 2006) Thirst for the Living God Church of Christ, 2006) How Now Shall We Live (Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge, 2004) On Mission with God (Baptist Association of Creater of Baton Rouge, 2004)

Ron Christopher Hicks First Time Offender Charge: 2nd Degree Murder Sentence:

Life without Parole Crime Committed at the age of 19 in 1990 Current Age 42 Hometown: Opelousas, Louisiana Education 2002 New Orleans Baptist Theological College, Bachelor of Arts, Christian Ministry 2002 New Orleans Baptist Theological College, Associate, Christian Ministry 1994 West Feliciana High School  GED Work Experience 2010-12                        Re-entry Mentor 2009-10                        Chaplain's Department Clerk 2008-10                        Ranch House Cooks (in Angola) 2005-08                        Chaplain's Department Clerk 2001 - Present              Inmate Minister (in Angola) 2002-04                        Faith Based Facilitator 1999-01                        Christian Library Clerk 1998-99                        915 Cold Storage Warehouse Worker (in Angola) 1995-98                        Library Clerk 1996 - Present              Pastor of Leadership Builders - Local Church                                    In L.S.P.  (Angola) 1994                            Yard Orderly 1993                            Kitchen Worker 1990-93                       Field Worker Related  Educational Experience: 2012    American Sign Language Interpreter Graduate 2010    American Sign Language, Sign Language Services  225 Hours            International, Inc. Daniel D. Burch, PH D., SLSI 2007    Lead Like Jesus Leadership Encounter 15 Hours 1998    Certificate of Training, Character Building            Department of Corrections   5 Hours Awards: 2006 Certificate of Achievement, For quality Job Performance 2005 Certificate of License, to Preach .

Troy Delone 3rd Offense Two priors, Possession of Crack & Criminal Damage Current Charge: 2 Counts of Armed Robbery; Attempted Intimidation of Witness Sentence: 2 Consecutive Life Sentences and 5 Years Without Parole Crime Committed at age 21 Current Age: 33 Hometown: New Orleans, La. Overview of Crime: Troy was a menace to his neighborhood but is completely innocent of the crime has convicted of. Robbery charges were trumped up on Troy by the police department and the D.A.'s office using two family members of a person who he had a previous altercation with. Troy was not a model citizen at any stretch of the imagination but that does not justify bogus charges being placed on him. No evidence has ever been brought forward pertaining to these alleged charges; no guns; none of the property that was alleged to be taken; nothing. In spite of everything that has happened, Troy has not let this situation be an excuse to live a life filled with ignorance, bitterness, or resentment.  Instead he has used his situation as an opportunity to become a better person. Accomplishments Since Incarcerated: Horticulture Vocational Student (2002-04) Diploma in Automotive Technology from from Louisiana Community and Technical College (2007) Completed HIV/AIDS Peer Education Class Sponsored by American Red Cross (2005 & 2006) Completed Anger Management (2006) Completed Substance Abuse (2006) Completed a variety of Jaycees Individual Development Classes (2005-2007_ Completed Toastmasters International's Class in "The Art of Effective Listening" (2005) Completed 12 Hours Disciplinary Training Class (2007) Completed Numerous of Self Help Courses Sponsored by Angola Inmate Clubs Completed Malachi Dads Sponsored by Awana Ministries (2008) Completed "Experiencing God" by Blackaby (2008) Completed Inside Out Dad by National Fatherhood Initiative (2008) Completed Lead Like Jesus by Phyllis Hendry (2008) Completed Be Transformed Sponsored by Awana (2008) Completed The Christian Life Profile Assessment (2008) Completed 24 Hours of Therapeutic Community Training (2011) Re-Entry and Rehabilitation Program Social Mentor (2010-2012 Horticulture Club President (2009-Present) United Methodist Men/Leadership Builders Church Member (2007-Present) Senior in the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Leavell College Angola Extension Center, Directed by Dr. John H. Robson (2007-Present) N.O.B.T.S. Intern Minister (2010-Present) Completed the Pesticide HANDLER and WORKER safety training as required by the Federal Worker Protection Standard. U.S. Environment Protection Agency and National Association of State Department of Agriculture Research Foundation (2012) Since his incarceration Troy has taken responsibility for his former way of living. He has devoted his life to studying and preaching the word of God. Troy wants to live his life as a testimony of how God can take a person with his background and fill him with the Holy Spirit and renew his mind to live a life of righteousness in Christ Jesus. And also use him as a laborer to continue to build His kingdom. God Bless You!

Daryl T. Waters Charge: 2nd Degree Murder Sentence: Life without the possibility of probation, parole or suspension of sentence Crime Committed at the age of 25 in 1993 Current Age: 44 Hometown: Gibson, Louisiana Overview of Crime One of Daryl's peers paged him while he was in a hotel room drinking alcohol and spending time with his girlfriend.  Daryl's friend informed him that his brother's life was being threatened.  His brother and his girlfriend came to get Daryl.  They went to the place his brother was having trouble. One of the assailants appeared and Daryl panicked and shot him several times. Accomplishments since incarceration Laubach Literacy tutor/clerk for 7 years (Supervisor certification) Computer Repair clerk/student for 5 years (A+ Computer Repair certification) Completed 33 credit hours at North American School of Theology Graduate of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (B>A. in Christian Ministry) Carious speaking engagements as prison representative for 5 years Completed Anger Management Completed Substance Abuse Completed the D.I.R.E.C.T. (Drug involvement resulting from erroneous criminal thinking) Program Completed Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step Program Completed Victim Awareness Class Completed 24 hours of therapeutic community training Currently serving as a lead social mentor in a re-entry program.

Rudy Martinez First Time Offender Charge: 2nd Degree Murder Sentence: Life Sentence without the possibility of Parole Crime Committed at the age 24 Current Age: 50 Overview of Crime Rudy Martinez is Mexican citizen. He was charged with second degree murder in 1986.  A month later, though he did not know how to speak English, the court appointed him an unqualified interpreter, and he was brought to trial. Two days later, Rudy was convicted of second degree murder. The verdict was 1-2. Thereafter, Rudy was sentenced to life in prison without the benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence. This mandatory sentence was imposed by the court judge without  even considering that I am a fist time offender. I have applied this Second Degree Murder conviction, pro se, a few times. Yes he has been unsuccessful every time. Accomplishments since incarcerated Learned English as a second language 1986 GED from West Feliciana High School, St. Francisville, La.  1990 HIV/AIDS Certified Peer Counselor by the office of Public Health in Louisiana Enrolled in the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Extension Center, at the Louisiana State Penitentiary 2002 Associate and Bachelor Degree in Christian Ministry, form the New Orleans Baptist Theological 2005 Ministerial Work History NOBTS tutor-grader for Dr. H. Robson in the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Extension Center, at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. 2005-2012  Conductor for VOICE of Hope/Voz de Esperanza weekly Bilingual Bible Study, in the Interfaith Chapel, for the Hispanic community and other inmates. 2007-2012 Started the Voice of Hope / Voz de Esperanza monthly Bilingual Correspondence Ministry, which consists of a bilingual message sent via-Farm Mail - to all the Hispanic inmates living at the Louisiana State Penitentiary 2008 Prison Self-Help Group Member of the Latin America Cultural Brotherhood (L.A.C.B), a prison self-help group 1988.  Vice President of the (L.A.C.B.) 1999-2001 ESL Instructor for the non-English speaking Latino inmates 1998-2012.

Larry Sharp First Time Offender Charge: Second Degree Murder Sentence: Life without the possibility of parole, probation or suspension of sentence. Crime Committed at the age 42 Current Age: 54 Hometown: Marshal, Texas Accomplishments since incarceration Associate Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a 3.78 GPA Staff Writer and Photographer for the award winning magazine, The Angolite Class A Trusty/Minimum custody status Certified Louisiana Department of Corrections Tutor Inmate Counsel on the Main Prison's Criminal Litigation Team Pastor of the United Pentecostal Apostolic Fellowship, and inmate led fellowship that has an average Sunday attendance of 55 President of The Philanthropy Club, an inmate organization aimed at helping the inmate population. Member of the Louisiana Juvenile and Young Adult program Attendee of Mike Barber Leadership Seminars held monthly for inmate leaders Hobby shop craftsman making handcrafted, personalized ink pens and pencils Completed numerous bible studies and certificate programs Spare time activities: Reading, jogging, hobby shop, ministering in cell blocks. If Larry were to be release, he would like to be involved in a jail ministry to try to minister to men and women before they get to the prison level. Also, Larry believes that there is a need to change laws regarding domestic abuse and violence cases, especially laws pertaining to retraining orders. The number of domestic violence cases have increased substantially over the last 10 years and the number of homicides connected to domestic disputes is always in the news. These are areas where laws, counseling and education could significantly lower these numbers. Larry would also like to work with programs that educate teenagers on the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse, as over 75 percent of the men at Angola were using either alcohol and/or drugs when they committed their crimes. These intoxicants lower a person's inhibitions and, subsequently, fosters the transition from thinking about doing something to actually doing it.

Kyle Jamar Harry Charge: 2nd Degree Murder Date of conviction: January 2008 Overview of Crime: The morning of January 21, 2006 Kyle, his fiance, and her parents were on their way back from breakfast. As they approached Kyle's house the police pulled us over. Kyle didn't know why he was getting pulled over, he wasn't speeding and his tail lights were working. The police told Kyle to get out of the car. As he got out of the car, office Kendel Bullen had a gun pointed directly in his his face scaring his fiance'. He asked the officer what the problem was? The officer proceeded to tell Kyle that he was under arrest for the murder of Anthony Brown.  All Kyle could think of was that this was a mistake and it was happening on the day of his marriage. Kyle was questioned by a Federal Agent and was told that he had been under investigation for dealing drugs. Though they had no evidence of that. Further to the questioning, Kyle was told he was being questioned about a murder. There was no physical evidence connecting Kyle to the murder. Kyle has been incarcerated for 6 years years, as a result he lost his fiance' and his family. Accomplishments: Bachelor's of General Studies from Southeastern University. Associates of Computer Networking Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Cisco Certified Network Associate 45 hours toward Single Engine Planes Anger Management Junior in the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary College toward a Bachelor's of Arts in Christian Ministry

Norman Dozier Charge: Second Degree Murder Sentence: Life without the possibility of probation or parole Age: 40 Hometown: Alexandria, La. Overview of case: Norman was accused of conspiracy. The prosecution had no evidence of their allegation except the testimony of a drug addict. Norman was found guilty, which landed him with a life sentence at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, La. Accomplishments since incarceration: Cell block Minister in 1999, Camp C Minister at United Methodist Men 2002 Wrote first book in 2002 called "Unlocking your destiny with a word" Wrote second book in 2003 called "Functioning in Gods authority". Wrote third book in 2004 called "New C.A.M.P." (Christian Anointed Millennium Poetry). Wrote fourth book in 2005 called "Kingdom Shaping" which is a spiritual & physical fitness book. Wrote fifth book called "Returning Hearts puzzle & picture book". Founded Mountain Moving Ministries in 2002 which is a Christian ministry /  non profit organization. Started Mountain Moving Ministries newsletter in 2003. Started Kingdom Shaping newsletter in 2004 Started working for the Angolite in 2009 which is the prison Magazine. Currently working with re-entry as a mentor.

Criminals or Contributors With the highest incarceration rate in the nation, 11.5 percent of Louisiana's 40,000 plus prisoners are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.  And with almost 4000 of the state's 4,569 lifers housed at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, where up to 95 percent are predicted to die, why are the majority of these men considered the most rehabilitated offenders in the world? Why do they continue to strive to be the best they can be and positively influence not only the other men in prison, but those on the outside as well? Because they are not violent criminals, but normal people who have made a horrible decision, most while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Is this an excuse for their aberrant behavior? Certainly not! But statistics show that people who commit a violent crime can be rehabilitated.  Why? Because there is a difference between a violent criminal and a person who commits a violent crime. However, the state of Louisiana lumps all violent offenders together.  Everyone convicted of second degree murder automatically sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, probation or suspension of sentence, regardless of any mitigating or extenuating circumstance. More than 2000 of these lifers are first offenders, yet they all have the same sentence; an indeterminate date with death while imprisoned. Yet, despite the seemingly hopelessness of their situations, these men continue to be positive role models for the, younger inmates who are coming into the system. They have completed a vast array of life skills classes, earned associates and bachelors degrees, and gained certifications in various vocational fields. As a result these men serve as ministers, pastors, tutors, facilitators, instructors, and mentors to show their friends and family that they have been changed and that they, as free men and women, can also effectuate change in their communities. Who benefits from keeping these rehabilitated men locked up? No one! The taxpayers are footing the bill to keep men and women who are no longer a threat to society forever incarcerated,  Harsh sentences have a threefold purpose; to deter people from committing a crime, as punishment, and to protect the public. However, once a crime is committed, deterrence is lost and the goals of punishment are now reduced to two; punishment and public safety.  When an offender has been rehabilitated and no longer poses a threat to public safety  and could be released to become a taxpaying citizen who is an asset to his or her community, the only possible reason to keep them locked up is solely retribution. At what state is one considered punished enough? Apparently in Louisiana, not until they have died in prison! The following excerpts from the stories of men at Angola who have committed violent crimes, but who have changed their personas and now exemplify their moral characteristics by helping others both inside and outside of prison.  Despite being told that they will never leave Angola alive, they continue to do the right things, putting their hope in God, not in the words of man!