Our evidentiary hearing has been pending for over four years now.  The State has been mucking up the process by repeatedly  filing unnecessary motions against us.  These filings are a clear attempt to keep us in court while spending tax payers money to keep Justin Granier incarcerated.

The Louisiana Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the State reversing The First Circuit decision to allow us to expand the record to include misconduct against the State.

The Louisiana Supreme Court has also advised that due to a lack of evidence that this case can no longer be litigate and must move on to The Federal Court.   We feel this is a clear error by the Louisiana Supreme Court , We have been given 14 days to appeal this decision and have done so. 

We are very surprised by the turn of events, how can one case have so much bad luck? Or,  is it a case of a relentless State Attorney and his mission to win this case at all costs?

Our response is below. 

Justin's Case File