I saw Justin's story on the movie Serving Life. I have been moved by him and I do believe a life sentence is far too harsh for his actions. God has grown in this young man and I believe he will be a different person in civilization. He has this light about him that shines through every part of his personality. May God bless him and keep him strong in this journey he walks, but may he remember he is not alone! thank you for all of your inspiration.

I don't believe Justin deserves life in prison. He served enough time, learned his lesson, and changed his life for the better. He found something in prison most people can't find in the outside world. Christ. Justin deserves another chance!

I have known Justin since he was a small boy. There has always been something special about him and you knew when you were around him that he was a very loving and compassionate man. To send him to jail for life is a tragic and unnecessary sentence. I hope the Good Lord blesses him with the strength and grace to overcome this difficult obstacle he has to endure. We all make mistakes, some bigger than others, but his sentence is not justice, its tyrant. That is not what our legal system was built for. I pray for Justin and the family. I know for a fact they are beautiful people.

People who really need life sentences are free, and those with the ability to do good in this society like Justin serving these bizarre long life sentences. Seems very unconstitutional

Gross miscarriage of justice . I had no idea this was possible.

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I  hope and pray for Justin and his family.

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I just watched serving life and it breaks my heart making one careless mistake can change your life in a blink of an eye I hope Justin becomes a free man.

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This petition is to show support for Justin Granier and his release from prison. Having to serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a murder he did not commit is cruel, inhumane, and unjust. He should not be held accountable for the actions of another, to do so is illogical and unconstitutional. He has taken responsibility for his actions and has served more than enough time. It's time to set Justin free!
   A life sentence is far too harsh and offers no incentive to be or do better, yet Justin has taken advantage of every opportunity afforded him for educational, spiritual, and personal growth. And along the way he has become a mentor to the youth, a minister to the lost, and a volunteer for the dying. He pours himself into the lives of others making his community a better place. We need and want him free impacting our society with the same selfless acts!
   Incarceration is suppose to serve as a mechanism for personal repentance and rehabilitation, not to warehouse citizens for making a poor choice in life.  There is a huge difference between a criminal and an individual  that has made a poor decision. The majority of those serving life sentences for second degree murder in Louisiana are first offenders. Yet because of mandatory sentences of life without parole there is no distinction between the two and no consideration of mitigating factors. Mandatory life sentences should be abolished for first offenders convicted of second degree murder. Especially for those like Justin who didn't even commit the act.
   It's time to fix Louisiana's broken criminal justice system and harsh sentencing schemes. Louisiana's laws should align with the rest of the nation. Thus we support an extreme reconstruction of Louisiana criminal law. We support the release of Justin Granier and all efforts towards this goal!!!!


Thank you for your support!!!

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